Thursday, November 13, 2008

two weeks til TURKEY day!

thursday morning, two weeks to go and the house needs to be cleaned (for my mother's white glove visit), recipes to be chosen, grocery shopping to be done, tons of details, and todays schedule doesn't leave me time to deal with any of it.

my first thought is what size turkey to buy for an unknown amount of guests - RSVPing is etiquette that my family just doesn't grasp.

then what recipes will appeal to my grandmother, my husband, and my kids (oh and my vegetarian niece). does anybody have any simple recipes that appeal to the masses - and it doesn't take a trip to a half dozen specialty grocery stores to buy all the ingredients!!!

another question to throw out there - with a playdate coming up are there any fun art projects with a thanksgiving theme. NO GLITTER PLEASE!!

looking forward to reading some great ideas.

since I have been asked by some friends of mine at Modern Babies & Children to get this blog started, they asked me to mention that they will be forwarding some fun giveaways to the most creative responses.

happy blogging.